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About me

"Left, right, then straight ahead... So far, it seems obvious...

Oops, it's a dead end! I turn around.

There, it seems to be straight ahead..."

You might say that everyone experiences the same thing, searching for their way. And you would be right. But life makes some people start very, very early to do so.

Jules Wittock, a visual artist, 30 years old, is among them and has never stopped doing it since a young age.

For him, it's a matter of survival. He seeks the path in this jungle that is our world.

He uses his pen as a guide. It glides intermittently, showing him the right way at every moment.

This succession of moments saves him, forcing him into the present.

The pleasure of doing in the present moment.

Only these present moments, where we have the pleasure of being just, save us from a world gone complex.

What attitude to adopt to avoid falling into fear, if not the Zen attitude.


Jules' quest is obsessive, his choices are endless, and there is no limit to his imagination, whether it is in 2D, 3D, or in painting, sculpture (his first tables), or in his ongoing installations... He traces his path sometimes with acrylic, sometimes with oil paint, on cotton or linen canvases, and more recently in bronze.


It is quite obvious that a discourse like that of this young artist is making waves today.

Does multiple choice still exist? Especially today, where the environment, geopolitical conflicts, and the global economy are crying out for change.

What is the path that can still connect personal quest to the common quest, if not being true to one's path at every moment? The demands of Jules' work are numerous. In only 3 years, his work has been noticed by numerous galleries, exhibited at the Tamayo Museum, the MAM in Mexico, and recognized by several galleries in different countries.


Welcome on Jules' path and be ready because when the path is right, the journey is long and wonderful."


Catherine Francois 2023


Each painting is a maze, with an entrance and an exit. Every labyrinth has a solution, and the path to the solution forms a word. The word hidden in the painting is a secret, but the title of the artwork serves as a clue. The paintings can have multiple words.

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